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To Ashes We Run
Dieon used to lead his people. Now he must protect them from himself… and from the one who possessed him. Echofall needs an izdihar, the bridge between realms, but every girl they take becomes a witch. In desperation they reclaim their original izdihar. The one who broke them. Adisa. Abandoned by Echofall and stripped of the power she once had, the Queen of Witches rises. She lives to see Adisa burn. But Adisa’s soul is transferred into Dieon, and he has control of their shared body. Dieon is desperate to free his clan from their curse. Adisa only wants to escape his pursuer. Their coexistence is becoming increasingly unstable. If they don’t find a way to separate their merging minds, neither of them will survive long enough to face—or outrun—the witch’s flames. The contract has been signed. Echofall claims you.