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To Ithaca
J.C.Graeme, author
If you like sailing or even if you don’t, if you like Greece and its quirky anarchic culture, if you have a little interest in the modern history of Greece and the rise of the right wing Golden Dawn party, then this thriller/novel will be of interest to you. When there is a knock on his door at night Douglas opens it to find a tall dark girl there. She gives him a package and tells him he must come to Greece. His brother is ill and needs him. Leaving his orderly, comfortable life Douglas travels to Greece where he becomes embroiled in a dark plot to destroy the manuscript for a book on a secretive neo-Nazi party that his brother has written. On his brother’s yacht with the aid of Peter’s friends Darcy and Europa he must out-run his pursuers through the Greek islands and try to piece together what is going on. He must also come to terms with his brother and their troubled early years. It is a voyage he is not ready for and one which will change his life.