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Emily Apfel
To See The Unseen
Emily Apfel, author
I would like to say that when I see you again that I will know you by your face or hair, but that is not the case. I will see you, but not as a male or female. You will appear to me as a person made of molecules. These molecules look like atoms and they start out clear and change color depending on the person's emotions they hold inside. I know that to say they are like atoms is confusing because no one can see atoms with their naked eye. However, this is why I call them atoms. You see, I am able to see people in their purest form. I’m still figuring out how to control the headaches that come with every person's fear or joy that feels as if I have been woken up from a nightmare. I am happy to say that my father wasn’t crazy. These molecules that look like clear bubbles that change color depending on the emotion that you are feeling inside are real. Your atoms are still clear to me but that's because you haven’t spoken yet, but before you do let me tell you my story from the very beginning.