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Tomato Economics
The power of dominant economic systems over time have subjugated people, communities, governments, countries and the natural environment to satisfy their biddings. The execution of economic laws and dogma have usurped the sovereignty of people and is chipping away our humanity. It is a perverted paradigm. The shift that is suggested in this book is a shift towards an assumption of abundance and a shift to designing systems and structures particularly those related to the economy to serving humanity and fostering healthy communities.

At first you get upset because the author points out what's wrong with our economies - greed being emphasized. When you continue reading you begin to feel a little better because you begin to see that things can be fixed. The change begins with a paradigm shift in our thinking.

The ideas presented can be considered a long stretch if we maintain the status quo........and we leave greedy people in charge. It is therefore incumbent on all of us to make that shift in t thinking so that ALL may benefit from the abundance in our world.

Thank you for getting me to think.