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Top Students/Top Parents, Good Students Are Made at Home... Not a School

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The book is dedicated to teaching parents how to help their children become all they can be. The information is not a substitute for school subjects; rather, it forms the foundation for school and life success, beginning with infancy and preschool, extending into upper elementary school. No sit-down instruction is involved; most activities being part of daily family life. All ideas and suggestions are heavily based on developing a home environment that is conducive to learning, parent role modeling and parent/child relationship. All related aspects are brought in, beginning with increasing an infant’s IQ, vocabulary building, teaching while reading bedtime stories, character building, self-esteem, when and how to praise a child, and all related skills that will help children learn to their full potential.
Brian Tracy, Author - Worldwide Speaker - Seminar Leader

"This is a wonderful book that shows you how to set up your children for lifelong success. I have personally practiced Kathleen's ideas on my own children, and taught these ideas to five million parents in 46 languages and 72 countries."

Author of over 70 books and more than 500 audio and video learning programs on personal development.  His worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement has been translated into more than 28 languages


Henry Roman, Ed. D., Former Executive Director So Central BOCES, Super of School

What a breath of fresh air! With all the reform legislation currently being enacted at the state level, I find this book to be extremely timing and informative. Educators are fully aware of the key role parents must play if we are to be successful in educating their children.  Ms Burns has managed to condense a wealth of educational research and years of experience into this compendium for easy use by parents.  Anyone wishing to know what to do and when with their child simply must access this manual. It is clearly written, easy to follow and rich in valuable information. Every parent and every educator should read this manual.Henry C. Roman, Ed.D., Former Executive Director, South Central BOCES, Superintendent of Schools for District No. 60, District No. 70 and Hanover School District.

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A wonderful and brilliant educational manual.  A powerfully written comprehensive undertaking of educational value.
This is a wonderfully well researched tool that brings parents and their kids together to fully educate themselves  in showcasing what a top process learning can be about. A great collection of articles packed with tons of information.
An educational book that supports and maintains children’s development through academically sound doctrine.  This book is for  parents, teachers and anyone wanting to learn ways to bring a child up into a top-class student,.
This would make a perfect gift for any parent. A wonderful example of learning from many standout essays by experts flawlessly written to grab the reader, the parent, the educator.
Simply put this is a very informative educational eye-opening wonderment of knowledge and perfect educational values.
Would I Recommend it?  Absolutely! This is for every parent, educator or anyone seeking a guidance tool to learn and educate themselves on the Parent, Student reality.

Four Final Words: Perfection in Knowledge, Brilliant.

My Rating: 5 out of 5, Vicky Brady

"If babies could be born with instructional manuals, the Bible should be in one hand and Top Students - Top Parents, in the other!  This comprehensive book is organized, affirming, and covers every topic a parent needs to begin a life-long learning journey for their children.  The guidebook is full of ideas and practical applications with enough statistics to back up the research without being dry or boring.  I've already ordered the first eight copies for my children as an investment into my grandchildren."


Vicki A. Brady, mother of eight children, author of The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling and Quiet Moments for Homeschool Moms and Dads

Former host of National Radio Broadcast, Homeschooling USA! She and her husband, Terry, were named 2001 Colorado Parents and Family of the Year.  Currently she writes a column, Just A Mom, for The Kaleidoscope Weekly, their familily owned regional paper in Mid-Missouri,