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Mark Justice, author
“The unexamined faith is not worth believing.” With those words, Toxic opens a visceral, earnest, and frank exploration of the Bible. Focusing mainly on portions of scripture that the Toxic Christian Church tends to ignore or gloss over, Toxic actively engages these troublesome passages in order to show a much more complete, daresay honest, picture of the Christian God. Christianity teaches that the Bible is God’s Word, so why does Toxic Christian doctrine ignore the Bible’s many troubling passages and excuse God’s horrible behavior to His “children,” blame the believer for God’s inaction, and teach the believer to not question their faith, their Bible, or their God?If the Bible is, indeed, God’s Word, then it’s only right that all of it be used, not just the “pretty” or comforting parts, as the basis for understanding who God is. Toxic asks difficult questions and provides ample examples from the Bible as well as Toxic Christian theology as proof of its assertions, boldly confronting that accepted theology, exposing its hypocritical and harmful precepts, and ultimately bringing scathing indictments against Toxic Christian doctrine and God. |Toxic invites anyone who has ever struggled with their faith to examine their faith closely, carefully, and honestly.
Betts, Amazon

"Toxic" was an absolute treat to read. It provides a very real and raw dive into the core of scripture itself, and offers up an honest and heartfelt discussion about the nature of God. Despite the weight of such a topic, the author has managed to stay away from the pitfalls of becoming a berating lecturer. Instead, "Toxic" takes the reader on a journey through the Bible itself, examining the exact word, the implications of it, and allowing for an internal dialogue that I feel is necessary for anyone that has ever followed the Christian faith.

This book is not designed, in my opinion, to lead anyone away from faith. In fact, it is a book that actually thrives better with it than without. Its a book that does not read as one that comes from being trapped with no way out from the bottom but to shout angrily at God, but rather like that of an author finding strength and the ability heal beyond the trauma of Toxic dogma.

No matter your place in your own faith, be it at a mighty strong peak, or drudging through the doubt that many christians face throughout their own journeys, "Toxic" offers an outlet and a conversation that I do believe should be had.