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Tradur Gurl
PT Dawkins, author
Revenge is a dish best served cold Over one year ago, the Coast Guard boarded an abandoned yacht aimlessly drifting in Puget Sound. On it they found evidence of alcohol abuse and a suicide note written by the locally prominent stock broker, Michael Franklin. Before committing his final act, he admitted his own guilt in a $100 million Ponzi scheme. At the same time, he fully incriminated Sandy Allen as the mastermind of the fraud. As a result, it is Sandy alone serving consecutive life sentences in the Women's Correctional Facility in Blaine, Washington. She is certain her former “partner” is alive and well somewhere enjoying the fruits of their labor. While the prospect of spending her remaining years in an orange jumpsuit is terrifying, what really infuriates her is she’s been out-conned. So far... Sandy has a plan. She vows to get out, and in doing so, get even. But her resources in prison are limited. As events unfold she faces new, unexpected challenges at every turn, any one of which could spell catastrophe. Time is running out. Her window of opportunity will close forever. And she will rot behind bars. Her very life hinges on the play of one final hand.