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Trapped 2
With the love and guidance of her long-lost father Victor and her guardian Nelson, Angelina Rivera had finally found peace and happiness. She clawed her way to become one of the East Coast's most ruthless players in a world where women were considered non-existent. Finally, true love came her way through her sexy and caring husband Manolo, thus allowing her to put the painful memories of abuse and betrayal behind her from her sinister ex, the once infamous Daryl James. One phone call from her attorney threatened her future as a free woman, and brought back the memories of that fateful night buried deep in her past. Angel James, now all grown up and thirsty for answers about a father she barely knew was now living in New York and attending Columbia University’s prestigious Law School. She used what she had learned in the classroom to investigate her father Daryl's disappearance. Her strongest supporter was her boyfriend Fernando Buchanan, a fellow law student who grew up in Westchester County, N.Y. and was following his upstanding father’s legal footsteps. Their dream was to marry and enjoy happiness like his parents, but Angel felt it would not be complete until she discovered what really happened to her father. Two women with different agendas brought together by one man. Angelina was determined to keep the past where it belonged, while Angel was determined to dig into that past to get answers. In their opposite quests, these two women unlock secrets that will test their very core, leaving one with her foundation intact, and the other falling into an endless world of despair. In other words, Trapped.