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The Daley Doodle
Author, Illustrator
Travel Problems South America

People who travel the world live a life of smoothie bowl diets, watching sun rays glisten on the lapping waves of iris lakes and bedding down at night knowing they can sleep safe in the knowledge that everything is perfect and life is a figured out, right? Well, not quite. The Daley Doodle's illustrated journal tells the story of one clueless country bumpkin's very honest, hilarious and 'bowel movement altering' time travelling the world to lands far and wide for the best part of two years: and yes, this is very much a case of 'hashtag no filter'. These are the hospital horrors behind the seven wonder selfies: the toilet hugging behind the street food shots. These are the hilarious, humanising moments on the road that few travel bloggers ever dare to capture, share or write about. These are Travel Problems... South America!