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Ramman Kenoun
Trials of Reflection: Havoc on the Hike
A group of friends get together and go for a much-needed weekend excursion. To start, the trip proceeds as planned. However, misfortune strikes and a series of bad events culminates in them ending up in an underground labyrinth of terror. In order to make their escape from the labyrinth, they must proceed from room to room, resolving a series of physical challenges and mental puzzles. However, there's one major catch. Each challenge has a time limit, and if the challenge is not resolved before time expires, a deadly trap contained within each room will activate! To add to an already stressful and harrowing situation, the further they progress, the more difficult the challenges become, and the less time allotted to complete them. On top of everything else, every mistake or misstep will hasten the expiration of the clock of death. It's a test of critical thinking, friendship, resolve, and dedication under tremendous and terrifying adversity.