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C.K. Donnelly
Trine Revelation, The Kinderra Saga: Book 3
Now is the moment of choice... Betrayed by the man she once worshipped, Mirana Pinal must finish the quest for Jasal’s Keep with the help of an enemy. As she races to save her people, the Fal'kin infiltrate the Dark Trine's stronghold to discover the warlord's plans for conquest. For Teague Beltran, however, the mission is much more personal. His mother has been captured by the Ken’nar, and he will stop at nothing to rescue her. If Mirana gives the Dark Trine the key to the Keep’s power, she can save Kinderra from destruction but would put her homeland into the hands of a tyrant. If she finds a way to unleash the Keep’s power herself, she can defeat the Dark Trine, but she must sacrifice her beloved Teague — and far more. At last, her destiny is upon her.
High stakes and agonizing choices drive this polished climactic entry in Donnelly’s Kinderra Saga as hero Mirana—revealed in earlier books as a multifaceted “Trine” capable of channeling the three aspects of magic, including visions of apocalyptic futures—must decide whether to continue to seek the deadly power of Jasal’s Keep which might allow her to save Kinderra. Or it might not, as the Aspect of Sight suggests that wielding that power to defeat the Dark Trine might not just kill her—it could engulf her world in an “otherworldly pyre of radiance.” Complicating matters is a key betrayal from Book Two, as a trusted mentor insists his own seizing of power as the only way to unite the land, creating an army of thousands of captured, broken “killing machines” out of Mirana’s Fal’kin people.

A desperate quest, a shattering betrayal, a terrifying sacrifice, a rush to prove prophetic portents wrong—again, Donnelly reveals a love and a talent for the essential elements of epic fantasy, spinning a story that hits the marks of the genre with feeling and inventive vigor, while often finding fresh angles on the material. Mirana remains a rousing hero, taking bold action even when her choices are limited, and exhibiting welcome tenderness to her mount, to her romantic partner, and to her world and people, all of which are vividly rendered—and all eventually touched by her light of hope.

As with most epic fantasies, new readers are advised to start with the first book in the series, as Trine Revelation, while swiftly paced for the genre, still is dense with enough proper nouns and references to earlier plot points to leave The Unaspected scrambling to keep up. Fans of fantasy with strong female leads, deep worldbuilding, and a lot of heart will relish the journey to a final showdown that’s as tense as it is satisfying.

Takeaway: The satisfying climax to this epic fantasy series blends deep worldbuilding with lots of heart.

Great for fans of: Deborah Falaye, Tracy Deonn.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A