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Lori London
Tripi Visits France: The Amazing Adventures of Tripi The Fly
Lori London, author

This is an ingenious tale about a fly who can't fly, but who longs for adventure! In this second edition of the series, Tripi arrives in Paris; and is ready to explore all things Parisian! He visits the sites and has quite the daydream aboard a boat on the river Seine. After seeing the Eiffel Tower, he imagines himself in the time when the tower was built. It was for the Paris World's Fair of 1889! Travel with Tripi as he meets inventor Nikola Tesla, composer Claude Debussy, frontiersman Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull himself — Chief of the Sioux Indians! Enjoy the unique rhyming style and tempo of this book, and plucky little Tripi as he continues his path of discovery and adventure in Paris — The City of Light! 


Dunkin Donuts sponsors Multi-Award Wining Author Lori London

Dunkin Donuts sponsored Book Reading and Signing with Multi-Award Winning Author Lori London — Join us for a fun day at Dunkin Donuts ( inside ) the Bridgeview Walmart with children's storybook author, and Tripi The Fly™  Tripi Visits France is the second installment in the series The Amazing Adventures of Tripi The Fly!