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Troubles In My Way: Immoral Sins
Vivian Lewis, author
Troubles In My Way: Immoral Sins is a one-hundred sixty six page mystery, suspense and a twist of real life drama. Most often young adults dream of having an everlasting relationship with their first love. They jump through many hoops to be with that chosen one. They do not care whether it is right or wrong. At times they rush to start a family not thinking their life could change in an instance. What do you do when life hit you with a powerful punch and you never saw it coming, you were blindsided and didn’t have time to duck. Drugs, prostitution, betrayal, bodily agony and bitter hostility destroyed human mankind causing a disentangled domino adverse effect. Janice Sorento once lived a life of obedience but later was tortured and mutilated with disfiguring injuries after many detrimental episodes. She lived many years of lies because she wanted to live a righteous life. The abuse grew so strong and unbearable she decided that it was time to make a change. She experienced fear, anger and bitterness with the thought of retaliation but did not intervene because of being brutally beaten and kicked to the ground. She also feared her harsh treatment would filter to her daughters. Her husband being a power driven alcoholic and chronic drug abuser caused major damage and blood shed. The twisted vengeful marriage came to an end with major dysfunction. His boisterous threats went into a deep roar causing uncontrollable rage. She developed a low down careless attitude and started living her life as a wretch. Her abnormal behavior sent her youngest daughter into a distraught mindset and a chain reaction occurred. The two became a dangerous pair and continued their journey with self inflicting intentions and unethical practices. Excessive drugs, theft, prostitution and lies were their everyday manner of living. LoLo, the oldest teenage daughter had to step up and become the grownup; her unwise choices soon caused her some unfitting characteristic deformities. She started a life of chosen wants but soon learned that she was headed towards a trapped deep end. She experienced kidnapping, rape, knifes and guns to her throat, being pushed out of a car and left alone in a wooded area. She developed a life of bitterness, a sinning behavior and started living on the opposite side of her faith. She got pregnant and did not know who the father was so she tried to kill the fetus. After becoming a lush she did not care about anything or anybody including her new born baby. Her delineated and prohibited behavior allowed her selfish mannerism to inflict abuse upon her child. She mixed liquor and milk together in her bottle so that she would stop her excessive wailing. She then took her to the club and forgot that she left her under the table. After experiencing many trials, tribulations and troubles, her life spiraled completely out of control. An extreme level of deep, dark and dangerous mind blowing interventions clouded her intellect with sorrow. Her mental bitterness caused months of embarrassments and fear. Finally, after months of being incarcerated and working with mutilated bodies of babies, she came to terms with her life and saw the moment of truth and changed for greatness. Her lying, cheating and forced to be reckoned with lover, the man of her dreams, the man that betrayed her and treated her like trash decided it was time to start a new life too, they united as one. More problems erupted after the honeymoon phase was over. The market of this book is to convey a real life message to young adults. They have not adapted to the understanding of listening and obeying rules in the world. My book show drastic episodes of consequences after a misdeed. Get ready because you are about to take a breathtaking mystery and suspense ride from the beginning to the end.