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True Son
J.T. Holden, author

For U.S. President Royal T. Kingley, life at the top of the world isn’t quite what he’d expected. From his surprise electoral college victory and crushing defeat in the national popular vote to his record-low inauguration attendance and abysmal approval ratings, things couldn’t possibly get much worse for the once quasi-respected real estate tycoon-cum-braggadocious TV reality show host. Until now. Amidst a full-scale investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and a hostile foreign nation, fiery public protests against his flagrant abuse of executive power, the simmering threat of nuclear war, and a seemingly endless string of leaks threatening to sink his administration from within, President Kingley faces his greatest challenge yet when his son-in-law and chief advisor, Jacob Latner, is abducted by a master of enhanced interrogation, known only by the code name “True Son.” Haunted by the specter of his charismatic predecessor, whose essence lingers in every corner of the White House, and desperate to prove his presidential prowess once and for all, the President accepts True Son's challenge: a "face to face" showdown on live TV that is certain to be a ratings bonanza. But with the clock ticking and the entire world watching, can the man who once railed against the "rigged system" secure his first executive victory in a contest that actually is rigged against him?