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Twice in a Blue Moon

Adult; Romance; (Publish)

When one of Heather Westbrook’s gigolo men friends threatens to post nude pictures of the wealthy, English socialite on the internet, Heather is banished to Ireland under her father’s strict orders to make his newest horse racing acquisition, FastTrack Farm, productive again or face dire consequences. With no idea how to accomplish the deed, Heather seeks help from the farm’s former horse trainer who sends her his wife’s nephew instead. Having been in and out of both Irish and British prisons, Liam Donovan has returned home to Ireland to find that jobs are scarce for a man with a certain reputation. But he has lots of racing experience—skills the farm’s new manager desperately needs—and he isn’t above using them in order to win a horse race and possibly a lady’s heart. Heather loved once, but threw it away. Now she’s saddled with a former convict who just might salvage her reputation and teach her the true meaning of love. Jilted by his first love, Liam has kept a fierce guard on his heart, but there’s something about Heather that makes him want to take a second chance. Can two wounded people dare to fall in love TWICE IN A BLUE MOON?