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Rickey Lee
Two Big Days
Rickey Lee, author
The book has a “mystery element” of suspense and surprise—such a popular facet with books with great sales. An undercurrent, a type of news angle, begins and proceeds throughout each story. Interestingly, America’s Second Black President was entirely completed before “any idea“ of Mr. President Barack Obama’s campaign. Both novelettes are classed into a hybrid of researched history and fiction. The main character in The New Soul Man is a preacher; the second central character found in America’s Second Black President is a clergyman as well. Author Rickey Lee considered Biblical scripture while writing cogently. TWO BIG DAYS is a type of creative nonfiction. A journalist lives in President and also in Soul Man. Certainly, the author’s book is “young adult” and literary. Fiction or nonfiction, young adult books just might be far reaching! Can’t Lee’s readers be comparable to an audience taking its seat before prime time TV?