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Two Steps Forward - Embracing life with a brain tumor

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

When Claire Snyman is diagnosed with a rare benign brain tumor at the age of thirty-four, she and her family are completely blindsided. She tries to make sense of their new reality while trying to navigate conflicting medical advice. Claire learns to be her body’s own advocate as she undergoes a personal awakening during the often-harrowing journey of life with a brain tumor, her misdiagnosis and through the brain surgery and recovery that followed. This inspirational story of a woman, mother and wife is told with honesty, clarity and revelation. Two Steps Forward is an enlightening and compelling book for readers walking a similar path, but also for those facing a life-changing situation or for anyone looking for a positive and inspiring story.

Claire Snyman’s writing reminds us all about perspective. Her book allows you to join her on her very difficult journey, battling illness, fatigue and confusion, whilst juggling the existing demands of daily life that are thrown at a mother, wife and business women. She has managed to create a book that is not only inspirational for any reader but also full of so many learning points for anyone struggling through any type of illness. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs to go through surgery, particularly brain surgery – but wider than that, I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a bit of perspective, inspiration and balance in their life. Claire’s story gives hope that those surviving such a difficult time can not only recover, but move forward and become a stronger person. A very thought provoking read – thank you Claire for sharing your story.

Good book reviews usually have phrases like ‘page turner’ associated with them. This was not a page turner for me but Claire Snyman has written a great book! The reason it was not a page turner for me was because I too have had a brain tumour and had brain surgery in early 2015. I have experienced much of what Claire experienced and as a result, there were many moments where I had to put the book down and reflect on my own experiences. Claire’s words brought me great comfort and I highly recommend it for anyone with similar experiences.

With that said, it is not just a book for those that have experienced a brain tumour. It is also a book for the caregivers of those with brain tumours as it provides great insight into what is being experienced by those under care.

Finally, it is also a book for general consumption as it provides an incredible story of inspiration and resiliency, something for which everyone can benefit. Well done Claire; thank you for sharing your story and turning an extremely difficult chapter of your life into what will be a lasting legacy!


This is a very valuable read for many who are seeking a positive, practical path through life's challenges. For those challenged with a brain tumor, this book is a lifeline and a heart to heart gift. Claire shares her story authentically all the while maintaining a practical perspective of how she can best help those going through a similar experience. Two Steps Forward isn't inspirational fluff. It is solid, with the soles of the feet firmly planted with each step, as Claire walks you through her experience. Life challenges are opportunities to bring our soul's purpose to the forefront of our lives. Claire is living her purpose and is providing the means for all of us to be inspired in how we too can step forward boldly into embracing the fullness of our lives!