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Florenza Lee
Author, Service Provider
Two Thirds is a Whole
Florenza Lee, author
This wonderfully unique book, illustrated by Sofania Artisan delicately addresses a very serious subject that far too many children are experiencing: Domestic Violence. At the beginning of the book, Eric lives with his mom and dad in their large, beautiful house. As time goes on, their once happy house becomes very dark and sad. It is then that Eric's mom informs him they must move; it is no longer safe for them to remain in the large house. Eric understands the need to move but is still very apprehensive. The only life he has known is in the large, beautiful house. It is only when he and his mom arrive at their smaller, much happier house that he understands, sometimes two-thirds IS a whole. To better tell this delicate story, Florenza uses houses as the main characters. They display the emotions contained within the four walls: joy, sorrow, happiness, and sadness, etc. The people in the story are mice. Two-Thirds is a Whole allows open communication and conversation for children who are dealing with Domestic Violence; they quickly identify with Eric and hopefully, by hearing his story, they are able to openly discuss their feelings. Currently in Illustration Projected Release Date: Spring 2019