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Two Wild Swans
RoZita Berry, author
A bittersweet romantic war story in the tradition of A Farewell to Arms, Gone with the Wind, and The English Patient. When Ursula von Schattenberg-Wenzler, better known as Uschi, became engaged to dashing German fighter pilot Martin Hinterhofer, everyone thought she had made an incomparable match. Then she fell in love with Julio Romero, a charming Spanish musician with a dark secret. But how would Martin take it? And what would become of Uschi's brother Albert, whose mind had been seriously impaired by the horrors of the war he had experienced? This romantic historical novel is set in WWI Europe, where Uschi encounters eccentric bohemian artists, authoritarian professors, gutsy soldiers, and other intriguing personages in her quest to heal her brother's mind and fulfill her own desires.