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Unreal Time
Time-loop traps, mutant marsupials and cyber-teen renegades—the future will never be the same again.Things are tough for Deon’s since he moved to Moran’s Cove. He’s calculated he has 517 more days until he’s done with his new high school, unless he gets lucky and is kidnapped by aliens. Then something much freakier happens. Deon falls into a swirling, static vortex, everything goes dark. He’s surrounded by weird androids, who are chanting his uncle’s name. His world tilts again. The sun’s shining. Is he going nuts? The night his uncle disappears, the only trace left behind is another glowing vortex in the backyard. Deon dives through the shrinking portal into a strange and ruined future. Teaming up with a group of environmental cyber-rebels, he fights alongside them and their mutant marsupial guard-pets, and together they free his uncle.