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Karl Coyne
Vince's Secret Locker Volume 1 Enhanced Edition - Artistic Version
Karl Coyne, author
A secret locker that can change many lives Synopsis 50 Years of Bodybuilding and Training History in your hands. Finally, the key of the “Vince’s Secret Locker” has been found by author Karl Coyne. Only a few are aware with the fact that it was not an easy journey for world’s greatest bodybuilder/trainer Vince Gironda, also known as “Iron Guru”, to get fame and become an icon of many. Coyne spent many years in search of the key of Vince’s Secret Locker that was not opened for all. He knocked many doors to accumulate those hidden incidents and secrets of Vince, that were hidden for generations. The book will help readers to keep themselves fit and healthy without making extra efforts. It is a blend of emotions, fun, hard work, dreams, health and fitness.