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Jane Ramsey
VISION QUEST: a journey to happiness
Jane Ramsey, author
SUDDEN RETIREMENT UNLEASHES A LONG-AWAITED CHANCE FOR EVOLUTION, REINVENTION, AND FINDING THE ANSWERS TO LIFE'S MYSTERIES When corporate executive Jane Ramsey found herself facing sudden retirement, she embraced the opportunity to embark on a long-awaited metaphysical journey of discovery and reinvention. With one foot grounded in the rational world, and other in the ether, she pursued her lifelong dream of becoming an artist and wisdom-seeker, experimenting with new mediums of painting and finding a connection with her deeper self. Yearning to better understand why we are here, and what life is all about she sought guidance from books, metaphysical experiences and spiritual teachers including Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston. Now she invites readers inside her quest as she studies, travels, finds optimal health, deeper love, and seeks answers to life's mysteries culminating with the realization that it's an inside job––the answers are always available when we tap into our inner soul.