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Voices Behind The Light
Seven Years ago, Joshua Carter was a Pulitzer Prize winning author, happily married with a beautiful wife, Mary Anne and precocious daughter, Erica. In one fraction of a horrifying moment, a predator kidnapped and murdered Erica and left only a memory. The resulting self-loathing, grief and despair devasted his marriage, destroyed his career and sent him into a personal abyss. Seven years later, Carter has rededicated his life to finding missing children and saving other families from being the victims of an incomprehensible evil. In a strange twist of fate, Carter is teamed with the beautiful lead detective who tracked down his daughter’s murderer. Together they are in a race to find another missing child who has become the subject of a predator’s obsession and ritual. In order to find the child, Carter must put aside his past, come to grips with the loss of love and remember that he will be the father of a murdered child forever.