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Wai-nani: Voice from Old Hawai'i
Linda Ballou, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Wai-nani transports you into the wild heart old Hawai’i when Captain Cook stepped upon the shores of Kealakekua Bay in 1779. Linda Ballou skillfully weaves legends and myths, fabled history, and an evocative love story into a poetic rendering of the “People of Old.” Lavish images of the Islands splash the page as you tread inside the mysterious Polynesian culture. Hawai’i’s story is told through the eyes of Wai-nani, a fiercely passionate, free-spirited woman. She takes you on a seductive journey that spans the most dynamic period in Hawaiian history.
Toby Neal-Author Lei Crime Series Amazon

Press in to really "get" this book. Wai-nani’ s story is told in a hypnotic, fairy-tale or high legend voice that took me a chapter or two to get into--but once I did, I was fascinated with the way Linda Ballou had taken us into the intimate and unknown world of the Hawaiian people through the eyes of an unforgettable heroine. Wai-nani is fierce, passionate, and deeply connected to the land and ocean--and to her complex and multi-faceted warrior husband. It reminded me how fully developed the civilization of the Hawaiian people was, and how large their population, before the fateful arrival of "Kapena Kuke" and his "floating heiau."
Thanks for this journey to another time and a Hawaii seen through a princess of its people.

Wai-nani released in Audio Format

Award winning narrator, Christine Padovan, has done a superlative job bringing life to Linda Ballou's novel Wai-nani, Voice from Old Hawai'i. The story is told in first person from Wai-nani's POV, She takes you into the wild heart of Old Hawai'i as she tells you what was happening in her world when Capt. James Cook landed in the Islands in 1778.