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Waldwick Series - Little Spirit
Set in contemporary Madison, Wisconsin, “Little Spirit” examines the concept of eminent domain and the taking of land and dignity, first from the Indian’s perspective and then today, as seen through the eyes of George Terrill IV a descendant of the original George Terrill from the book “Waldwick”. Using flashbacks through a 94-year-old, blind, Hochunk Indian chief named Great Grandfather, George learns about the feelings and challenges of the Hochunk nation and the taking of their land and also how contemporary America hasn’t changed that much in terms of citizen rights. In addition, Great Grandfather serves as George’s mentor, who helps him transition from a college student to a man by teaching him the beliefs and values of the Indian people. George meets and falls in love with a woman named Amelia and “Little Spirit” becomes a love story. To make their relationship complex, Amelia is of mixed-race; in treatment for Leukemia and her father has a net worth exceeding eight billion dollars. While George is profoundly “small town” and conservative, Amelia, opens his eyes to a world he never imagined as they fall in love and accept each other for who they are. The triad of race, health and wealth allows for the discussion of a complete set of dynamics regarding critical social perspectives to develop. Add George’s deep friendship with Rodney, a member of the Hochunk nation and the storyline allows for numerous contemporary issues to be examined from the perspective of minorities in America, while continuing the theme of acceptance. Turn the page and follow along as each chapter evolves and exemplifies love and acceptance, tolerance and understanding and the realization that judging people by who they are instead of what they are can make all the difference in the world.