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JH Cové
Walking Among Us
JH Cové, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Walking Among Us Sometimes the truth lies far beyond your safe little world. Dillen Lomans can’t live without rhythm. When he’s stressed he drums paradiddles on his thighs until he’s able to think straight again. When he wants to gain insights, he drums his head clear to make space for them. He drums himself “into the zone,” a skipping of dimensions in which anything is possible. With his Dutch band, Manic Mola, Dillen tries his luck in America. On the eve of their first U.S. album release, their lead singer, Freek, dies in a mysterious accident. Devastated, Dillen tries to discover what happened to his best friend. His investigation leads to Ralph Miller, a Yurok Indian who uses sweat lodges to open his mind to The Great Spirits that manifest when the world is out of balance. Ralph believes he knows which god of Nature is responsible for Freek’s death. The proof lies in the Oregon woods, in the same spot where Dillen had a terrifying experience the night of the accident. Dillen is driven farther away from common-sense solutions as he peels back the layers covering the truth that awaits deep in the wilderness.