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War for Orion: Ghosts from the Past
Orion has been at peace for centuries. Queen Adira has ensured all live harmony since taking the Throne. Not all races share the same vision of peace. There are some who would rather see death and destruction, it’s something they crave deep down inside. It’s a part of who they are, and one man is now ready to implement a plan that will bring about chaos and destruction - starting with the elimination of the Valens family. Anlon Valens survives his family's execution, but is left torn with emotions and a thirst for vengeance. Fury and rage cloud his mind as he is unknowingly thrust into a battle that has been fought in the shadows for countless years. Queen Adira reaches out to offer him assistance in tracking those responsible, but urges rationality before acting. Those behind it are on the verge of completing a plan she thought she had prevented many years ago. If they are to win, they can make no mistakes. While all are focused on the visible threat, another lurks on the outer reaches of Orion. A threat buried in the past, one that was supposed to have been eliminated centuries ago. They've returned with only one thing in mind - finish what their ancestors had begun centuries ago. Take the Throne and rule Orion. A war lay ahead of the races of Orion, whether they are prepared for it or not. A journey filled with betrayal and deception, perilous adventures and terror, lost secrets and love. Enemies must become allies to fight for one common cause, whether it be for the good of Orion, or its destruction. Sides must be chosen and they will forever change the fate of Orion. Only one can sit on the Throne. Who will come out of this war alive to claim it?