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Watch That Rat Hole ... and Witness the REIT Revolution
Leaving his Pennsylvania steel town home, author Campbell scrambled to land a magazine writer's job in Manhattan. He followed his new boss's instruction to "Watch that rat hole," newspaper slang for a beat or coverage topic. His "rat hole" was real estate investment trusts, or REITs, untested entities just then approved by Congress. That "rat hole" became his life's passion and Watch That Rat Hole intertwines Campbell's personal journey with his unique observations as a newsletter creator and editor witnessing the REIT Revolution -- the growth of property REITs into today's $1 trillion industry and how he moved from newsletter writing to investment banking to co-founder of a firm managing $20 billion assets for institutional clients. Watch That Rat Hole provides Campbell's insider's view of Carl Icahn, Michael Milken, Sam Zell and Warren Buffett along with Campbell's investment views gleaned from a half-century of experience. Watch That Rat Hole rewards readers with Campbell's valuable personal investment insights into REITs, a little understood but pivotal area of business and finance.