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Adult; Romance; (Market)

Adara Stone, pilot, seeks a ship to fly. Decker Flannery needs an experienced pilot to fly his ship. When the two meet, they immediately clash. As Adara struggles to overcome past losses, she develops a new family on the ship including her captain. She strives to hide her growing attraction to the captain out of fear of losing him and her place on his ship.

I could not put this book down it was SO good. I was just so enraptured with the main character Adara. She is the half-breed daughter of a human and Wayfarer. The closest thing I can compare it to would be to Gypsies. They have the same type of stigma in that they are not understood, keep very much to themselves, and have many cultural differences. When you add her heritage, to her very young age you will understand why she has a hard time finding and keeping a position even with her immense talent.

The other main character, Decker, is also fascinating. He is also very young to be in his position and yet he tends to hold Adara’s age against her. It was so interesting to watch him fight his attraction to Adara and try to reason with himself why their relationship would be a bad idea. It is always wonderful to watch the alpha male types fall hard and fast for their women.

I loved the world Ms. Troemel creates and all of the alien species we are introduced to. I am hoping we will get the chance to read more about this world in either another story featuring this crew or another story concentrating on the adventures of Adara and Decker. I will be anxiously awaiting either!

Fang Freakintastic Reviews

Okay so I first want to post this before I get into the review. This is science fictionish mixed with romance and a little erotica and let me tell you this is one of the best books that I have read, not this year, I mean period.


So Wayfarer is part of a much larger series of the Wayfarer Clans regarding young Adara who is a wayfarer and the crew that she finally found herself being hired on with. Now Adara isn’t some young kid that is wet behind the ears, she is young, but she is also a wayfarer which means that she went to school years before everyone else, she has hair that wont stop growing/glowing and she has some pretty bad ass piloting skills.


So Adara was part of an accident in which she knew it was going to happen right before it did, but because Wayfarers are not considered the best “species” for their hedonistic ways and some other small issues with normal “humans”.  Because of this no one would listen to Adara and although she was able to save many lives, she still has it haunting both her dreams and her official personnel record.


Well finally someone took a chance on her, well technically the first pilot got hurt so she was drawn on to become the third.  Once she got on the ship she knew that it was going to be a long three years, less if she was to be fired as she felt was going to happen every other page.  Well I mean if she kept her mouth shut then probably she would be fine.


So I like this book for so many reasons.  I like the characters, I like Adara being strong in her belief but unsure of how she is supposed to interact with people.  I am like this is alot like me.  I am great at what I do, but I am not good around people.  Then I really like the chemistry between the captain and Adara, I don’t mean the cabin chemistry, I mean the fighting part of it.  I guess that is also like me, I need that fight/flight tension to feel alive.  I know that it sounds weird but I excelled at jobs that I did that were emergency based. The overall plot of the book is really good, the idea behind it and the racial and societal issues are really interesting.


I want to take a second and talk about the cover. It is black, and it has like 25 lines, I know I could count them but why? I normally like my covers to have something on them, but not clowns and not to much, but honestly this cover really fits the book, I know that sounds wierd, but it is like the cover does not take away from the book at all, and you have NO idea what to expect from the book, I mean it is a plain black cover. But seriously there is something about it that I can’t get over.


So all in all this is a series book that has humor and is just a really good read, I finished it on a flight from Newark to Puerto Plata so about 4 hours.