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We All Have Sacred Spaces

Children/Young Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

We All Have Sacred Spaces is a non-fiction book geared to kids age 4-10. It highlights Indigenous sites, Hindu mandirs, Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Islamic mosques, and Sikh gurdwaras. The overall goal is to promote compassion, to enhance religious literacy, and to highlight both the similarities and differences found both within and across faith traditions. The book uses real-world photographs of sacred spaces from around the world and includes thought questions throughout the text to keep readers engaged. Early reviews from parents, grandparents, librarians, and interfaith colleagues, all indicate that the book is also informative for adults. There are almost no children’s books exploring so many religious traditions in a single volume. Yet, cross-faith interactions, interfaith marriages, and religiously-inspired violence are all on the rise. We therefore feel that this book addresses an important educational need in the marketplace.
Amazon Customer

We All Have Sacred Spaces is a wonderfully delightful book that emphasizes the oneness and yet the diversity in us all and in the faiths it discusses. Everything is told in such a positive, easy to understand format and while it is simple and educational for younger and middle years children, it is also a great learning experience for adults (us "big kids"). I loved this book and the pictures, photos and layout of the book are very colorful and engaging. I absolutely highly recommend this book to all. You won't be disappointed.