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We Never Danced to a Love Psalm
Wade Searcy is no longer attracted to his beautiful plus size bride, Mahalia. A strong woman raised by leaders of the church, Mahalia stands in the gap for her marriage. Not an easy feat when her husband's cousin, Dana lets her know he's willing to respectfully wait for her as God grooms him to be her true husband. Mahalia's brother, Caleb Bettis, is also struggling through his budding gospel career and a recurring relationship with Ariadne Stiles, an atheist who is the love of his life. And Dana, praying for a new life contemplates the strained ties between him and his mother, Kisandra Searcy. How can he break those ties as his mother's freedom is threatened due to an affair with her underaged student? Filled with love, tragedy, hope and inspiraton, We Never Danced to a Love Psalm is a family saga that will never be forgotten.