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We're Hungry
Dr. Mark Johnson interrupts his family vacation in secluded northern Vermont to join an old friend, Dr. Will Struthers, on a short fishing trip in northern Maine. Dr. Will Struthers is the high-flying CEO of a fast rising pharmaco-biorobitic-engineering firm, ZynX. Its mission is to end nature’s control of human evolution. Its ED drug, FVER, has already transformed older males into teenagers. During the fishing trip Dr. Struthers offers Dr. Johnson to be EVP of ZynX Cyborg Engineering with the immediate goal to develop the first workable synthetic penis and vagina. Before Mark can digest the offer, an alien Voice interrupts their trip with a message heard around the world: “Earth, you have seven days to choose one billion humans to be food for us.” Universal chaos erupts. The fishing trip is aborted, and Mark and Will are forced into a car to return to his family. In the journey, a female NP, who Dr. Struthers is attracted to, joins them to avoid the swirling chaos of humanity panicking not to be chosen for food. On the journey many obstacles are faced and overcome by the three: a crazed alcoholic who tries to kill them, freeing a young girl meant to be sold to a Middle Eastern emir, choosing to save a man attempting suicide, escaping a cult of wealthy individuals—Souldiers--training for success in the next life. In overcoming these obstacles, and others, both Mark and Will confront their beliefs about the meaning of life, love, and family in their own lives.