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Jon Sadler
Weathering the Storms: Living with and Understanding Epilepsy
Jon Sadler, author

Hope is the anchor to the soul and not everyone has this, especially those struggling with seizure disorders. Weathering the Storms is the personal experience of living with epilepsy of someone who never gives up and earns a Masters Degree as part of recovery to get his brain to recover. It provides education and hope to those struggling with the unknowns of seizures, including the caregivers. It starts with the history of the disease, the types and triggers of seizures in laymen terms and first aid. Then provides the perspective of a child, college student, employee, parent and caregiver. The technical and surgical treatment was reviewed by the specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. There is information for the caregivers, including things to consider and what it is like to live with the unknowns of seizures that may take your life away. The epilogue provides the personal perspective of the importance of hope and how feelings of frustration, anger, defeat and brokeness leads to perseverance and makes one a stronger person through faith.