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Mike Lindell
What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO
Mike Lindell, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Far more than a “business memoir,” What Are the Odds? is a raw, authentic account by a man many thought would never rise above his serial, addiction-fueled failures. Mike’s gripping narrative transports readers from his small-town tavern with its colorful cast of “Regulars” to Mexico and a drug deal gone awry. From Las Vegas casinos, where Mike won and lost fortunes as a professional gambler, to a jail-cell beatdown. From failed rehabs to his 20-year marriage, an ideal union decimated by addiction. And finally, to the redemption of the most shameful moment of his life.

An unvarnished account of the ravages of cocaine, crack, and gambling addiction, What Are the Odds? tells the improbable tale of how a small-town guy with a dream somehow made it a reality. More importantly, Mike opens up about the God who relentlessly chased him down, turning him from a casual believer to a passionate evangelist with an absolute, mathematical certainty that God is real.

What Are the Odds? will not only speak to entrepreneurs and those struggling with addiction, but also to anyone looking for a message of hope.

Amazon Customer

Very thankful that I ordered this book. Finished it in 2 days. 

Cindy D.

This is a most awesome book, by a most awesome man. Although the cover is really cool, I can't touch it. To me it's like scratching a blackboard with my finger nails. I get huge goose bumps from it. So my hubby made me a book cover, and now all is well. The texture of the cover is the only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Anyway, Mike writes in such a way that you feel as though you are standing there watching everything. He holds your attention. I'm not done reading the book, but so far so awesome. I personally can't stand to read due to physical reasons, but this book keeps calling to me. Well worth the purchase.

cleaneating Mom

This book is a great story about Mike’s challenges. After hearing Mike talk about his book, my husband and I both ordered the book.

D. Rodriguez Artist

I heard Mike when he was a guest on the Sean Hannity radio program, speaking about this book. I was amazed at the story he related about how this book came about and I knew I would go home and order 4 right away. I got one for my brother who was celebrating a birthday, a friend who otherwise could not afford to buy this book because of her strict budget, a niece who struggled and overcame drug addiction and for myself as I am fascinated by stories like Mikes where people overcome tremendous odds to climb out of addictions. I also found out that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these books is Mike Lindell way to Pay It Forward and help others who struggle. I cant wait to receive my book.

Debi B.

A genuine and authentic read. Mike’s gripping story shared in more detail than ever before. “What Are the Odds” is what he asks many times throughout his life as he deals with trials that may seem unbelievable. Mike gives an honest depiction of his journey from addictions and how he found his platform to help others.

Jackie M.

What Are the Odds is the biography of Mike Lindell, who throughout his life struggled with addictions. Although he did not realize it at times throughout his life, God tried to get his attention to follow the path he had planned for him. In his biography, There’s no holding back. He shares it all. Including the trials Mike experienced throughout his journey, the close calls that should have ended his life, addictions that cost him his marriage and trusting people when he knew he should not. All to survive the chaos
and support his family. It nearly cost him his business and his life.


At times, I wanted to shake him. At times, I was cheering him on and hoping he could win. In the end, there were tears, as he writes about the transformation he experienced.


What Are the Odds Mike could survive his journey through addiction? He did.

His story is a message of hope.

Nadine M.

I loved every word of this book! What a page-turner!! Every person on the planet needs to read this book!!


So many times I have seen 'Mike' on TV advertising his 'My Pillow'...LIttle did I realize his life story until recently. I was reading a book about President Trump and in that book, President Trump commented that he really liked this guy. His advisors thought he was kidding when he spoke about Mike.

Unbeknownst to me when I initially read that book, President Trump had met and talked with the Pillow Guy. IN the blurb it is stated that he has 1500 people producing 60,000 pillows each day. That is his success story...finally. A CEO that is well known for conquering his personal demons against all odds... Incredible journey...

The author, previous to this recent success, had a life full of addiction...gambling and crack cocaine. He served time in jail and overcame these really tough addictions.

This is a truly inspirational book and when I see the author on TV now, I truly admire the fact he was able to turn his life around...

God has played a major role in his life and he credits God....first and foremost ...with his life today.

All of us can learn from this book... Conquer addictions with Faith....excellent ...just excellent.

Most highly recommended.

Shannon C.

While you may already know part of the story from blogs or TV interviews, this book reveals much more, Mike holds nothing back as he shares his life journey. What Are the Odds is an inspirational read that paints his times of hopelessness and despair during the chaos from his addictions and ultimately how he survived it all to share his message of hope and the ability to overcome all odds.


For all who have lost hope, who have given up, who are scared to make a change, pick up this page turner and be inspired to push all fears and hopelessness aside; to help you overcome the odds and experience life to the fullest, one experience, one message at a time. Just sit back,  enjoy and absorb the many messages.

Tom B.

When you think the odds are stacked against you, when you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, when you've made some terrible choices that you feel are possibly unforgivable (to yourself and others), the true stories that Mike Lindell shares in his book, "What Are The Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO," will help you recognize that you too can turn things around, even when most others would definitely bet against you (and it would make total sense to do so, from their perspective). From page 1 to the end the stories grab and keep your attention similar to The Wolf of Wall Street (book and movie). Just when you feel this train is definitely going off the track, there are some divine appointments, epiphanies and "messages from God" that will inspire you to hold on to the reigns of your life and persevere through the good and the bad, to realize the potential that is yours to share with the world. One of the most inspiring stories I have ever encountered and read. Thank you Mike for taking the wild and crazy path you took, to include sharing your stories in this book and in your talks. Am grateful for our divine appointment, and am looking forward to seeing our paths cross again sometime soon. Make Today Great & God Bless!