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Team Golfwell
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What Every Average Golfer Ought to Know: 54 Easy Ways to Play Smarter, and Get Lower Scores That Really Work
If you want to lower your golf score, you'll love this book. The perfect gift for the golfer in your life! This very useful book is for the average golfer and contains 54 proven ways to lower a golfer’s score quickly and easily. He doesn't have to research the mass of golf instruction available as this one book has 54 steps which will definitely lower his score like useful short game techniques, increasing the angle of attack when driving the ball, easy ways out of bunkers having dry sand or wet sand, etc. This is not a gift which will create a lot immediate excitement. Rather, it is a very useful gift which will keep on giving since the golfer will learn better scoring techniques and will love you for this as he learns and realizes new techniques to play better with lower scores. His golf confidence will increase he’ll gain more respect for his own ability to play better golf. The golfer will learn, How to improve his short game and putting. How to improve his mental game which is 90% of the game. How to drive a ball 10 to 15 yards further than what he normally does Simple techniques to score better most golfers will never know.

"A great book for averagegolfers to get rid and say goodbye to common mistakes which hurt scoring. Itpresents a smarter way to play - a true basic conservative game, and how tokeep an emotional equilibrium when playing. Miracle shots happen more when youplay smarter."
     - J. Anderson, Rochester
"Good practical advice oncommon errors we overlook. Has drills and exercises you can fit into a busyschedule. A good reference book as a source showing it's not hard to play smartand conservative."
     - E. Franks, Marco Island, FL
"A great read with accurate advice on avoiding needless strokes.Gives solutions and simple and easy ways to correct bad habits you normallydon't think about. Golf is more fun when you use your head on the course. Greatjokes too!"
     - C. Trimmer, San Francisco