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Cynthia Ortiz DeJesus
Author, Illustrator, Service Provider
What's Eating You Kid? It's a scary story!
Why this is a scary story! This is a scary story because it tells the truth about what is in the foods you are eating or have been eating for a long time, probably since the day you were born and while you were in your mom’s belly too! Whatever your mom ate, you ate. So if there were chemicals and preservatives in the foods she ate, there is a good chance you were eating them too. You were also exposed to other chemicals like pollution. In our modern world mostly every type of food is processed one way or another. You have probably processed some food on your own. When you peel a banana or an orange, you are actually processing it. It is almost impossible to go through your entire life without eating processed food. This book is written to teach you how to become aware of what you eat and encourage you to make better food choices by cutting down and eventually eliminating all 12 “Scary Monsters” from your diet to the best of your ability.