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S. Todd Stolp
Author, Illustrator
What's In A Doctor's Bag
Todd Stolp, illustrator
Take the fear out of going to the doctor. The 9" X 11", 35 page book is full-color & shaped like a doctor's bag with a carrying handle. The story is about a child who is left alone in a doctor's office & who accidentally knocks over the doctor's black bag. The instruments fall on the floor & turn into characters... including Otis the Otoscope, Lubba Dubba, & Ms. Kneeknocker, Woody, Tempo, & Mr. B.P. Cuff. These creatures give away their secrets & demystify medicine. The cold, sterile instruments metamorphose into warm fuzzy friends with fun & easy to pronounce names. When the doctor arrives in the office, the child is no longer afraid. "What's in a Doctor's Bag?" is recommended by specialists at the Children's National Medical Center as a means of alleviating a child's fear of the doctor, as reported in Redbook Magazine.