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What's Your Financial Gameplan?
What does your financial situation look like? What’s Your Financial Game Plan? –The book takes readers on a step-by-step journey to learn the principles needed to develop a fool-proof financial strategy for their situation, whatever that might be. It opens their eyes to the possibilities that money has to offer if they utilise it wisely and also show them what happens when they don’t. Through the stories of four friends who have the same job with the same salary, we see how they end up in totally different financial positions. What happened? One used his money to his advantage and ended up financially successful, another was able to pay off her mortgage much earlier than expected, while the others ended up in debt – and very stressed and depressed. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, What’s Your Financial Gameplan? will show you how to incorporate certain proven strategies to change the way you see and handle your finances. You’ll discover : Financial planning The power of compounding, positive and negative The importance of a credit report Debt: good and bad A savings strategy An investment-making approach This book will hopefully inspire and lead you to financial success, whatever that might look like for you personally.