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What She Knew
Liz Nabor is a strong woman with a successful Wall Street career, using her brains and ambition to thrive in a male-dominated financial industry. When Bernie Madoff confesses to a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, however, Liz finds herself dragged into the scandal. As she struggles to clear her name, a family crisis on the West Coast threatens to derail her "perfect" life.
Foreword Clarion Reviews

What She Knew will be enjoyed by those who appreciate romantic drama, or stories in which women break through professional ceilings and characters who get the chance to do something different with their lives. Those who see their own life’s course and choices reflected in What She Knew may find this a poignant, personal read.

Self-Publishing Review

The conflicting emotions of despising the Wall Street snob and hoping that things work out for her makes for entertaining reading. And the reader hopes Liz will see the light. It gives hope that no matter what, people can change their ways if they really want to. This accomplishment is a feat for the author. Liz is flawed, but not so flawed she can’t change.

5 Stars

US Review of Books

Award-winning author Nadine Feldman brings to life an uncomfortable portion of recent U.S. history in her latest novel. Using Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme as a springboard, Feldman's third person narrative centers on Liz, a woman whose confidence and career are shaken by the rude realization that she has been hoodwinked. Feldman tactfully weaves in factual information associated with Madoff's arrest and prison sentence, while delving into Liz's background and love life. Key to Feldman's plot is the tension set between Liz and Aunt Eddie and her aunt's past, which is shrouded in mystery. Feldman's tight and well-established cast covers a wide range of personas. Although there are distinctly good and bad classifications, many of her characters are a mix of both, which creates a hefty handful of red herrings. Feldman keeps her plot alive and fluid by combining the above-mentioned literary tools with un-clichéd character scenes. What She Knew is a wonderful balance of a human-interest tale, romance, and history—all wrapped up in a riveting thriller.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review