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When Half Spent Was The Night
While shopping at a north London market on Christmas Eve, Katarina Livani, a beautiful young Estonian woman working in London, is kidnapped by traffickers. Her sister, Erika, calls into Scotland Yard to report the crime. Detective Chief Inspector, Mick Chandra, rushes to Camden Passage to meet up with Erika and get her story. Mick and his partner, Detective Inspector Elizabeth Chang, are pitted against a merciless Albanian gang of sex traffickers who won't hesitate to murder Katarina should she not cooperate. The action takes Mick and Elizabeth into the dark warrens of Soho, a trendy neighborhood that is respectable during the daytime hours and a hell hole when the sun sets. During the investigation, the two police officers meet up with former sex slaves who were lucky enough to escape their captors or be rescued. Their experiences are harrowing, and Mick and his partner know that they must get to Katarina soon or she will die.