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When I met the Devil
S. A. North, author
This book is told in first-person from the view of the main character Akito Ashita. Akito lives with his sister Anna who is blind, and his aunt/guardian Norris Peters. Akito is a rather mature sixteen year old boy who has a pretty normal life. Goes to school, spends time with his friends (Alice and Heather), dodges the school bully (Luke) and participates is school events (chess club, debate team, choir, and school plays). He even has an internet friend, named Azeran Marks. Right from the start it is clear that there is something mysterious about his unseen friend. Az (as he is often called) is hiding something, BIG. After swearing to Az's equally mysterious brother Gabe, that he wouldn't run and assuring Az that he can handle the secret, it is revealed to him. Azeran Marks is no other than the infamous devil himself! But unlike the infamous and well-known devil we all know from the bible, Azeran is not evil. That's right you heard me, I made the devil a good guy. There's more. Azeran is on earth to recover the Book of the Dead, which if not found could destroy the balance between life and death. As it turns out the book was stolen by the evil witch, Elva who disguised herself as Aunt Norris in order to get what she wanted. And what did she want? She wanted to find the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and eat the fruit on it. This fruit has the power to bestow all the knowledge of Heaven and Hell into who ever eats it, which is why it is forbidden for any one to eat it! Now, Akito along most make the dangerous journey into Az's Realm (Hell) in order to discover the secrets of the Tree, and find it before Elva does!