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  • 04/2016
  • 9780996926720 B01ATV3UUG
  • 330 pages
  • $5.99
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  • 04/2016
  • 9780996926737 B01ATV3UUG
  • 328 pages
  • $15.99
D. Alyce Domain
Author, Service Provider
When Lucifer Met Calamity

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Take a chance on Love, Laughter…and Lucifer. “Tell me, how does such a little woman manage to keep up so much trouble in such a short space of time?” -Lucifer All Hell Breaks ‘Luce’ – When fate brings them together in a joint take-down of a common enemy, they get a chance at romance. But oh what a tangled tale that is conceived, when the lady plots to mislead. Calamity’s got her own set of rules…and while she’s willing to give the sexy lawyer a shot, a girl’s got to have a back-up plan in case things go sideways. Right?
Amazon Review

This was my 1st book read, written by: D. Alyce Domain. A contemporary style read. The kind of romance with tons of chemistry kind of book, I do enjoy hold tons of humor. Makes the world go around, makes you not take things to seriously. Lighthearted even. This book is one of those, what an enjoyably read. ( ;

Extreme Delusions Blog

Love should always involve heat and laughter… Get ready to LYAO!

With a title like “When Lucifer met Calamity” you should have a smidge of a clue that this is going to be a side-splitting read at times.  The antics that Calamity Jones gets up to will seriously have you cracking up at just how apropos her name is.  At the same time, you can’t help but understand just how appealing she is to her siblings and family, enough so that they are so easily pulled into her shenanigans.  They’re also protective as all get out of this woman who is all heart with no sense of proprieties when it comes to hijinks and getting even.  When Calamity’s boss decides that sexual innuendo isn’t bad enough and ups his game to playing grab ass, Calamity has had enough.  She decides to plant surveillance cameras in the office to catch the bugger in the act.  The only problem… she’s caught red-handed by the impossibly good looking Lucifer who is a staunch believer in doing things the right and legal way.  He’s also temptation incarnate for Calamity (and most of the females in the office.)  And when her boss has her brought up on charges for assault she ends up in the protective custody of Lucifer.  Life is bound to get a bit hot and messy with these two cohabiting.

Poor Lucifer doesn’t have a clue what he’s let himself in for when he decides to intercede and help Calamity with her workplace sexual harassment issues.  The woman tempts and vexes him in equal measure.  And while he’d love to see her boss get what’s coming to him, he’s a staunch believer in the legal system.  Too bad the legal system and workplace politics don’t always protect the innocent.  And they’re certainly not fair.  Lucifer has his hands full with one spirited minx that seems to be on a course for self-destruct.  At the same time, said minx has his libido strung tight and his heart soaring like never before.

When Lucifer Met Calamity is a laugh a minute.  It’s also sexy as all get out.  The chemistry between these two is downright sizzling.  There were times I really felt for Lucifer and others I wanted to say “take the stick out”.  But throughout I couldn’t put it down.  So if you like a bit of laughter with your loving, When Lucifer Met Calamity is sure to hit your funny bone just right.

Insatiable Readers Blog

All hell breaks 'Luce'....

...a favorite observant statement right from the start.

This is the story of one Calamity Jones...and though it sounds like I'm about to start talking about a Western, this is anything but.  She's one in a trio of siblings that will do anything for each other.  No, seriously...there's a part where Pike (her brother) is asked how far is too far and he replies that if she asked him to hide a body, he'd ask only where.  THAT'S how close they are and the same can be said for those she holds in her inner circle because they love, cherish, and respect this woman 100%.  The reasons for their utmost trust and care aren't apparent at first, after all she needs rescuing it seems more often than not, but by book's end you see her heart of hearts and come to the realization that beneath that kick-butt exterior, she's a softy with a heart of gold.  Just don't tell HER I said that... *ahem*  Anywho, back to the story...

What starts as inappropriate behavior in the workplace turns into her worst nightmare.  It seems the "guy" who can't understand the words coming out of her face does NOT know when to quit.  Funny part is had he quit, he may have stood a snowball's chance in you-know-where, but if things keep heating up, he'll have ended his career on a not so high note.  Oh and that's just for starters!  Calamity, her sister Charisma (no joke on the name and they are identical twins too!), and her work BFF Renee decide to dispense a little justice of their own until someone's sneaking skills are outmatched by none other than the devil himself. Okay, so perhaps he's not REALLY the red man from downstairs, even if his name is quite literally Lucifer, but he will heat things up for better AND worse, leaving the chinks in our girl Calamity's armor, WIDE OPEN.  Once her protective layers are peeled away and her heart is exposed, will she stand a chance against the big bad world...or Luce for that matter?  What of Mr. Pervins...I mean Perkins...and his delusional case against Calamity for assault (which was TOTALLY warranted!)?  Will this spell the end for the girl who simply won't take things lying down?  Only one way to find out....and trust me when I say you're in for an exciting ride.

I admit freely that when I read the title, I was thinking about a story TOTALLY different than what I was presented.  Does it work?  Quite well actually, as it pulls some of the humor from within to the exterior, allowing potential readers the chance to quirk an eyebrow in interest long before turning a page.  The multicultural aspect I mentioned earlier comes into play with most of our main characters not suffering from the "whitewash" effect many debate about.  They are real, they are colored, and they are here to deliver a story that will resonate with readers black, white, or however many shades of purple they might be.  Calamity is a HOOT as are the rest of her family.  The bonds they share are enviable despite the police record they've each built up.  Luce, despite the name, is a fairly upstanding fella.  He's old school gentleman but he's also pretty quick to pass judgment...something that comes back to bite him in the end.  Let's just say that lessons are learned all around and sometimes from unlikely sources.

In the end, it was an enjoyable read perfect for adult audiences.  While plenty of story to keep you on your toes, there's a lot of innuendo and a dash of spice just waiting to help you heat up your bookish night.  Luce and Calam may not be a match made in heaven but then again his name IS Lucifer...perhaps the warmer destinations are more his style.

J.F. Jenkins

This book was surprising. The story I was expecting was not the story I got, and that’s a good thing. The writing is strong, the characters unique and fun, and the chemistry in the romance is real.  I definitely recommend this book to romance lovers of all kinds, and anyone who loves a good contemporary book too.

I can’t dive into the story itself too much because I do have a spoiler free policy. What I can say is that it’s well paced and witty. It held my interest for a long time, and that’s hard to do these days since my brain has gone a bit to the ADHD side. It’s also a light read, making it a great way to relax at the end of the day.

Melissa Ann

This book dealt with the very serious issue of sexual harassment at work in a very fun and light hearted way. Why take a chance with karma? Why not get even with your boss right? I found it to be an interesting read. Lots of action and great characters.

Naturalbri (Bri Wignall)

This was an interesting read. I haven’t read anything by this author previously and this was a good introduction to her work. It is very unique and thus has a unique perspective on a humorous subject.

I liked the connection between lucifer, hell and this ‘romance.’ As one might expect, Lucifer is a little forward, touchy and close. It was fun to see how Calamity responded to this and how the interaction between them escalated.

The overall story was fun. It had a humorous side, mixed with a little bit of cheeky, sexiness, plus the heat of hell. I liked the pace and how the story progressed. The pace really made the interactions between them fun, as it always kept me on my toes.

Overall, this was a good read. I would be interested to see what this author does next.

**I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

The Eccentric Trilogy Book Blog

When Calamity uses her ninja skills to hit back at her boss after they sexually assault her, she finds herself hauled into trouble and a (very rightful) thirst for justice. This leads into herself, twin sister Charisma and her friend Reese following a plan to get evidence of the boss’ dodgy behaviour and get a legal case against him. Soon, Calamity manages to enlist the help of her crush, a lawyer named Lucifer, and together they find a more professional way to register the inappropriateness of Perkins. Sadly, sexual assault is a common issue in the workplace, so it was interesting to see how much effort goes into proving it.

The main characters all had rather unusually fitting names – Charisma, Calamity, Lucifer. Calamity is a fiery, sassy, independent protagonist that strives for justice but often her schemes result in the meaning of her name; I still find it a little odd that her parents would name her that, literally foreshadowing disaster. I liked how the author gave her flaws, like lying, which added to the realism of the book. Her twin, Charisma is presented as a likeable person that gets pulled into Calamity’s scandals frequently, including this one despite being pregnant. I found Reese and Sly stand-out characters though and really enjoyed their input, both having powerfully eccentric personalities. The squabbling between Sly and Calamity was definitely my favourite scene; it’s evident that the author had some fun writing this part.

Whilst many elements of the book were really great, there were some bits that I was less keen on. The use ‘eh’ was slightly overused at points! I also found it difficult to actually like Lucifer; I know that his dazzling looks, deep voice and chilling personality are supposed to make him an attractive individual, I’ll admit that at first I warmed a little to him after he stopped being so distant… then he removed Calamity’s clothes while she was sleeping without consent… and he quickly became creepy. Though he did redeem himself somewhat by helping Calamity so much, being an honest guy and simply owning a cat, and I’m sure other readers will find him more appealing. I did also note a few missing apostrophes but this didn’t really bother me.

This is a funny and very different romance to the norm that addresses the issue of sexual assault well. There’s some kissing and implied other bits but nothing too graphic, making the book a comfortable read for adults.

‘Other Worlds of Romance’ Talk Radio Interview

Venue:  Blog Talk Radio Show…’Other Worlds of Romance’

Date:  Monday, September 12th

Time:  10 PM – 10:30 PM  Central/ 11pm – 11:30pm Eastern

Permalink (URL):

What to Expect:  The appearance is an Author Interview on ‘Other Worlds of Romance’, which is a book-centric Radio Talk Show.  The show is taped live.  I will be answering questions, talking a little about my book ‘Dominic’s Nemesis’ and reading an excerpt from the book.  Listeners can access the live feed via the website and listen in…or join the chat room and listen, type questions, etc.  The show’s host will moderate questions via chat room and e-mail.  And questions that she can’t fit in, she will pass along to me and I can answer them after the show.

Interviewer:  Indie author, Linda Mooney.  She writes sensuous romance with a sci-fi, fantasy, and/or paranormal flair.   Find her, her books, and her blog here:

Houston Authors Bash 2017

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM CST

The Houston Authors Bash is a book signing event which brings Indie and traditionally published authors under one roof. This year we are celebrating with a masquerade theme, so come out and play with us “mon chérri”. LocationThe Cellar Door829 S Mason Rd, Suite 280Houston, TX 77450

Read an eBook Week CyberEvent & Discount

March 5th – 11th 2017

An annual international celebration of eBooks, which only takes place in cyberspace.  For one week only, publishers and authors offer thousands of original eBooks free or at deep discounts to encourage book lovers around the globe to give eBooks a try.

The eBook format of "When Lucifer Met Calamity" will be 25% off at in observance of Read an eBook Week

Trinity University Alumni, Faculty, & Staff Book Display/Signing Event

Venue:  All Alumni Picnic/Artisan Showcase/Book Display & Signing Event

Date:  Saturday,  October 8th, 2016

Time:  11:30 AM – 1:30 PM (central time)

Location:  Holt Conference Center, 106 Oakmont Court, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

What to Expect:  Trinity University will recognize the creative and academic accomplishments of TU graduates, current and former professors, and current staff by sponsoring a Book Display and Signing Event during the All Alumni Picnic over Alumni Weekend.  Trinity University authors will be promoting and speaking about their books and signing copies upon request.  This year, copies of the book(s) will be on display in the campus bookstore and available for purchase in the weeks leading up to and including Alumni Weekend. 

Representatives from the Trinity University Press will also participate with several of their publications.

Ebook Details
  • 04/2016
  • 9780996926720 B01ATV3UUG
  • 330 pages
  • $5.99
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  • 04/2016
  • 9780996926737 B01ATV3UUG
  • 328 pages
  • $15.99