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When She Touches

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Genevieve has discovered she is an empath and can feel other people's emotions with her touch. One day, when touching a child, close to death, her touch reaches the Soul! It surfaces to speak, through emotion, when the human host cannot. From that time on, each Soulful encounter Genevieve has offers her clues to help in solving the crime in which the victim is unable to convey.


This was the second book I've read from this author and she definitely didn't disappoint! What was really interesting was you didnt have to read the first book to quickly get into the flow of the second one. But, I will say you are doing yourself a disservice if you dont. The author was able to weave together so many different characters storylines that crossed at many altering turns in the book. I found it quite intriguing and masterful how the author managed this. Kept my interest peaked and my questions resolved as we moved through the story. It's an incredible love story at its core with 2 fantastic characters. But then the author sprinkles in some special gifts unexpectedly that brings mystery, love, compassion, hope, deep soul searching, a touch of sadness, but links it to a very special kind of love that is to be celebrated not mourned. Surprises pop up along that way that add to our magical journey with Teddy and Genevieve. Cliffhanger ending that kicks the intrigue up a notch only makes you thirsty for the 3rd book of the trilogy! I can't wait! Loved this book!


"When She Touches" is a wonderful story! I have been eagerly awaiting this book, thinking often of my favorite characters, Genevieve and Teddy from the first book "Crossroads Through Time.
I started reading it immediately when it arrived and found it difficult to put down.
The love between Genevieve and Teddy and getting to know their children and Genevieve’s amazing gift make for good reading.
It is great when you find an author that completely drags you in and makes you fall in love with the character.


An intriguing journey into the life of the title character Genevieve. “When She Touches” refers to the mystical gift Genevieve possesses which allows her to communicate with a person’s soul when they can no longer speak for themselves. But the story of Genevieve doesn’t end there; there are family secrets to be discovered as well. Sheryl Frazer has a way of writing that makes you feel you are right there, in the scene. A fascinating story that kept me wanting to read more. If you like a story with twists and turns, wondering what’s next, this is the book for you.