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Seme Eroh
When The Fog Lifts
Seme Eroh, author

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

A racy ,yet intimate account of a young girl, in a foreign land, struggling through college and finally ending up in a relationship which in the end was toxic. The overly protective childhood did not prepare her for the realities of life. Now caught between an emotionally abusive husband and childhood memories of a very different situation with her parents, Seme, gives a brutally frank account of her experiences. One can see how she struggles through the years,.. The initial hope that things will get better, the gradual and painful realization that the inverse is the case, the initial period of denial and finally, after 3 children and one and half decades later, the sad realization, that this was a lost cause. Apart from telling a tale which is really riveting, and holds the reader spell bound, the real reason for writing the book, is to encourage other glassy eyed ladies to look deeper before getting into serious relationships. This noble objective, in which the author bares her heart to the reader, makes this book at once so readable and a must read.