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Where Evil Lurks
How far will a rouge N.Y.P.D. Cop go to get what he believes should his. Joey, Chaz, Sal and Michael were best friends in high school.Theresa was Joey's sister was a real knock out beauty who only had eyes for Chaz. Growing up on the streets of Bensonhurst Brooklyn taught the boys how to survive. That's why Joey , Chaz and Michael became NYPD policemen. Sal took a different path and became a lawyer.Michael always secretly desired Theresa, who turned rouge after she married Chaz. He was into drugs, extortion porn an anything else that would give him money and power. When his lust turned to betrayal and murder to get what he wanted the lives of his friends changed. It was as if they were all thrown off a cliff.Who had the strength, who had the courage,and who would be the unlikely hero to save their shattered world?