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Luc Vors
Author, Illustrator
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie
Luc Vors, author
Alyson is undergoing a new treatment for PTSD that deliberately creates multiple personalities. Under hypnosis, she is placed in a make-believe world, where her memories have been relocated into the minds of 9 alter egos, known as The Sleeping Dogs. During therapy sessions, The Sleeping Dogs take turns telling Alyson her story of surviving an underground pit fighting ring, south of the Texas border, at a clinically controllable pace. Trouble arises when Alyson falls for her therapist, Dr Alan Greene, and when the feelings become mutual, Alyson's mind goes into a tailspin of confusion and obsession that can only lead to one thing. Murder. A monster has awakened, and when Alyson kills Dr. Greene's friend, Dr. Hal Kreige, a secret is revealed in the details of the crime scene. Alyson is a killer the FBI has been chasing for years.
Brian Fitzpatrick, author of Mechcraft

The reveals and twists! I could write an essay on these alone. This tale spirals out of control and plunges the reader into a complex and intense climax that begs to be seen on the big screen. I would love this book to be made into a film. The whole experience is very cinematic.

Gary Westfal, best selling author of Dream Operative

To say the book is unique is an understatement. So, if you’re looking for something different, this book has it. If you’re looking for something bizarre, this book is it. And if you think you can get ahead of this author in terms of predictability, you’ll be pleasantly disappointed. 

Megan Luker, Page After Page Book Blog

A beautifully, tragic mindf$%k. A thriller you haven’t read before.

This book will change right before your eyes without you even realizing it.

If you’re looking for a new thriller, this is it.

Misti Dawn

His book got me through a long standing slump of not being able to keep interest in a book. Two pages in and I didn't want to put it down.

Robert Stockdale, Author of A Pane of Glass

Hitchcock would be proud. It begs to be read again just to figure out how he pulled it off! This author has a great writing future ahead of him. Well done.

Sheila Shedd, author of Heart of Jet

A plot so gripping that it was, literally, like seeing a film play out in front of me. Vors examines the darkest catalysts of psychosis as though he has seen it first hand; he has created a profoundly disturbing looking-glass tale.