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Where the Water Meets the Sand
Tyra Manning, author
After years of battling addiction and depression, and coping with the tragic death of her father at a very early age, Tyra's worst fear had come true. Tyra learned that her husband had been killed in the Vietnam War from her psychiatrist at the Menninger Clinic, where she had been hospitalized for depression. Larry had been shot down over the Laotian jungle while flying a top-secret mission, just two weeks before their daughter's second birthday. In this beautifully written memoir, Tyra Manning recounts how she persevered in the face of devastating loss. With courage, love, and determination, she overcame her grief and fulfilled promises she made to Larry before he left for Vietnam. She ultimately earned a doctorate of education and became one of the nation's top school superintendents. When Tyra received a call from the air force in 2006, she was able to keep one last promise to Larry. His remains had been excavated after thirty-five years, and she was able to honor his wish to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Where the Water Meets the Sand explores themes of love and loss, struggle and triumph.