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Nick Plumber, author
Whiskeyboat is the story of a faceless cab driver’s tortuous travels through the Denver night. Recently divorced, he starts a relationship with one of his fares; nineteen-year-old junkie and sex worker, Carrie. Trying desperately to avoid becoming involved in the lives of his fares, but still painfully lonely from his divorce, the cab driver finds himself being drawn into Carrie’s life against his will. He then runs into, literally, his ex-neighbor, Jodi. Soon the cab driver finds himself torn between the two worlds- the seedy and self-destructive night life of a cab driver, and the stability and normalcy that Jodi represents. Through car wrecks, late night speed-freaks, Carrie’s downward spiral and the allure of Jodi, the cab driver finds his life rapidly spinning out of control, and ultimately has to make the decision between Jodi and Carrie, between life and death, between dark and light.