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From the dawn of humankind, the absolutely fundamental question, the one which matters the most, is the one every human being consciously and / or subconsciously pose to themselves as of the very moment they are born: Who am I? Who are you, indeed? As per its self-revelatory title, this book aims at guiding you, its reader, through a unique and quite radical 18-stage self-investigation, self-realisation and self-transformation quest, which can be performed in no more than 18 consecutive days. This is a quest and a journey that is deeply rooted upon the teachings of the most comprehensive, most robust, most versatile and most didactic mythological system known to humanity. Moreover, it follows on the footsteps of an ancient philosopher, whose timeless, ever-fresh and surprisingly fertile teachings, in the form of super-concise quotes, can be seen as applicable to a number of diverse and often unexpected fields: from modern quantum physics, to psychoanalysis, to the dialectic approach, even to the, yet to be realised, synthesis of idealism and materialism or Oriental and Western paradigm. What is certain is that this book is literally applicable to every human being who is eager and ready to truly discover and harness the hidden, true nature of their life and the world they live in. So, the first question for you, potential reader of this book, to answer, is: Are you up to it?