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Who Is An Endomorph?

Let's be frank, no two people look the same. But there are definitely some similarities between all of us. One of them is the body shape. The majority of the individuals are grouped into one of the following categories: Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs or Endomorphs. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages. Whatever your body type is, you can always achieve that ideal body you desire by following the right nutrition and workout plans. Let's learn how.

Characteristics of an Endomorph

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Sophia Vergara are some of the most famous female endomorphs we know. Some of your favorite superheroes Dwayne Johnson, Henry Cavil and Chris Pratt are also famous male endomorphs.

Endomorphs have an accentuated smooth, round shaped body. Their bone structure varies from medium to large. They also have small shoulders, short limbs(that look longer after weight loss), wide hips and a good distribution of fat around the lower body. Endomorphs gain weight very easily and face very demanding and effortful time during weight loss.

Metabolism of an Endomorph

Endomorphs have a comparatively lower metabolism rate, unfair but true! So basically high-carb foods are quickly converted into sugar and then later stored away as fat and not used as a source of energy. As a result, many endomorphs have a higher percentage of fat stored away in their body, exposing them to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and some types of cancer, infertility, gallbladder issues, heart diseases and many more. It's a sad world, and that is why you need to stay fit by correcting your nutrition and fitness plan.

Weight Loss

Like mentioned above endomorphs have the tendency to store higher levels of fat in their body, the best nutrition plan is to concentrate on even distribution of nutrients. So the main source of carbohydrate should be fruits and vegetables and smaller amounts of unrefined carbs. Cookies, bread, rice, and cereals are a massive no-no! The best type of diet is a low carb diet. Why? Because carbohydrates are naturally stored as fat and you do not want that. Kickstart your metabolism with a high protein breakfast. This also helps to keep your insulin levels calm and collected.

Endomorphs have a difficult time losing weight with diet alone, so working out is essential. It has been scientifically proven that High-Intensity Interval Training is the best form of cardio for endomorphs. Ditch those long slow walks on the treadmill and go for interval training workouts. Your exercise regime must include both weight training and cardio. Slow metabolism and extra body fat make looking lean very difficult, it can only be achieved with constant motivation and hardcore determination.

Fun Facts

Evolutionarily speaking your body is badass. When food was scarce and humans relied on natural energy sources, endomorphs had a higher survival rate. The fat kept them warm and also acted as a constant source of energy. Win-Win, two wins.

However we must all remember that being an endomorph is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, just a little hard work and determination is required to help you achieve your ideal body. It is your body, make it strong and healthy.